Depending on their use, microscopes should receive routine preventative maintenance service once, twice or even four times a year.

  • Disassemble, clean, degrease, lubricate and reset moving parts to factory specifications
  • Remove, clean, check and par-focal all optics
  • Clean interior prisms and inspect for proper alignment
  • Remove, clean and align sub-stage condenser (if required.)
  • Test and set electrical system to specifications
  • Performance check focusing mechanisms
  • Reassemble and individually test each microscope with a slide under all objectives

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  • Calibrated by checking the rotation speed using a NIST-Traceable photo-tachometer.
  • Units equipped with timing devices are also tested by direct comparison with NIST-Traceable stopwatch.
  • Temperature verification of refrigerated centrifuges are available on most units.
  • On all units, we perform a safety inspection of the instrument prior to beginning work and general cleaning afterward.
  • A calibration label is affixed to the centrifuge and a calibration report is provided.


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  • On-site Calibration
  • Cornerload, repeatability and linearity tests
  • "As Found" and "As Left" Data
  • Cleaning of draft shield, housing, weighing pan, weighing chamber and door track
  • Adjustment of the scales using a weight matching procedure to ensure accurate and consistent readings
  • Re-leveling of the Balance/Scale


Services include preventative maintenance and calibration.

  • Disassemble the pipette
  • Clean the shaft, piston and all internal parts with acetone and hi-gloss metal polish
  • Replace Teflon seal and o-ring
  • Lubricate any necessary parts
  • Reassemble pipette and make necessary adjustments
  • Clean exterior, clean ejector
  • Calibrate pipette to manufacturer’s specs
  • Apply calibration sticker with calibration date and due date
  • 6 month warranty on calibration and 1 year warranty on parts

We offer electronic Certification reports for each pipette for an additional fee. $5.00 per pipette for "As Calibrated" or $8.00 per pipette for "As Found" and "As Calibrated."